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TWA Seminars     
Innovation for Impact

Sustainable Building, Personalized Medicine, Green Genetics

Sustainable Building

The Sino-Dutch Seminar on Building Energy Efficiency

   China ’s economy is growing fast and with it also its energy consumption. The industrial sector is accountable for a big part, but the domestic energy consumption is also substantial and growing fast. The later is caused by an increase of general wealth and the urbanization rate. By improving the energy efficiency in the domestic sector China can slow the growth of its energy consumption.

   Sustainable building helps to increase energy efficiency, can in the long run have a lower total cost of ownership and often gives inhabitants more comfort. Sustainable building is not only focused on the environmental positive effects. However because of several reasons new sustainable technologies are not used in all buildings and projects.

   During the seminar we will try to identify and discuss those reasons, give examples of successful sustainable building projects and show why the Netherlands is linked to sustainable building.

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Personalized Medicine


   Health is an important issue for both China and the Netherlands . As prosperity grows, the society ages and the everyday environment changes. This also effects people’s health. Society as a whole is challenged to cope with diseases like diabetes, viral infections, immune and cardio-vascular diseases, chronic and degenerative diseases. These challenges ask for an answer.
There are two types of answers. First, to detect diseases in a very early stage so they can be prevented from occurring: preventive diagnostics. Second, to develop medicine specially attuned to each person: personalized medicine.

   A merger between Western and Chinese sciences, technology and experiences can not only create opportunities in developing new answers to health challenges, it can also contribute to society as a whole.

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Green Genetics

  Innovation for Impact, Sino Dutch Symposium “Innovation in Green Genetics”

  Last year the Netherlands published its multi-annual strategic approach towards China. A core element is the focus on economic ties. Besides the regular promotion of trade and investment, we are starting a programme-based approach to cooperation, focusing on certain key technology areas.  On the Dutch side we aim to join public and private forces to explore research and business opportunities with China in specific fields. We have selected key technology areas designated by the Netherlands’ Innovation Platform, which is chaired by our Prime Minister. These areas are High-Tech Systems & Materials, Flowers & Food, Water, Creative Industries, Chemistry, Life Sciences & Health, and Energy Transition.

  Food & Nutrition is the first key technology area for programme-based cooperation between China and the Netherlands. Green Genetics is an important sub field within this key technology area, where the Netherlands has built up centres of excellence in plantgenetics, plantfysiology and fytopathology and a globally competitive breeding and propagation industry. 

  An important example in this respect is the recently initiated Technological Topinstitute Green Genetics (TTI GG) which aims at further strengthening the knowledge infrastructure for plant research in the Netherlands. Research themes are defined by the needs of the breeding and propagation industry in The Netherlands (i.e. De Ruiter Seeds, Rijk Zwaan, Enza, Keygene, Bejo, Nunhems, and Royal van Zanten) and research initiatives are actively coordinated with partner institutions such as Wageningen University; a world renowned university in this field.
  With its strong industry and research institutes The Netherlands belongs to the absolute top in the field of green genetics. To showcase the Dutch expertise in this area, The Netherlands Minister of Foreign Trade, Mr Frank Heemskerk will accompany these key players to China to seek out cooperation through the Sino-Dutch Symposium ‘Innovation in Green Genetics’. The Conference is co-organised by the Dutch Ministry of Economics and the Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences / Chinese Academy of Sciences and supported by the Shanghai Institute for Plant Physiology and Ecology and Keygene. Broad support from both Dutch and Chinese organisations will ensure, experts form the Netherlands into contact with the key players active in this field in China.  

  The Joint Sino-Dutch Symposium ‘Innovation in Green Genetics’ will have an important role in the Dutch efforts for mutual cooperation with China in the field Food & Nutrition. It will help both Chinese and Dutch parties involved in this research area to identify the key players in this field in each country respectively. Moreover, contacts made during the symposium will serve as a platform to identify joint research and business opportunities where we can combine our knowledge. This will create win-win situations that lead to the creation of novel plant varieties, culture methods and technologies and help the process of their adoption by Chinese breeders and farmers.


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